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Cooling Mechine

A . Brief History of Cooling Machine

Engine cooling is one of the tools for preserving foodstuffs which have been known to man for thousands of years. At that time man could only count on the usual ice to preserve food materials and for ice production. Now, as the rapid advances in technology, refrigeration has a key role in the production and distribution of food, as well as to maintain the efficiency of industrial operations.

B. Use of Engine Cooling

The use of engine coolant can be divided into three main sections in general, namely:

1. Preparation of Foodstuffs
There are several types of food, vegetables, and fruits that can be stored in a raw state, which also requires the initial process. Industries that need to be involved technics engine coolant is: A. The dairy industry that produces milk, ice cream, and butter. B. Industrial preservation of meat and poultry. C. Beverage industry, such as types of fruit, beer, and wine. D. Industrial cooling at 40-500F.
2. Storage and Distribution Food Ingredient
Storage of food in a cold state in the form of cooler stroge arranged slightly above a temperature of 320F or low temperatures, to freeze these foods: A. Freezing meat and vegetables. B. Freezing the product / ingredient in bakery. C. Cooler stroge, at temperatures slightly above 320F, to make it more durable. Fruits such as apples, oranges, eggs, nuts, vegetables, etc. Will hold when stored slightly above that temperature.